Simple living like the “good old days” is alive and well at Holly Hill Farm.   Strolling through the many barns on the property harks back to a time when life was simple and we were more self reliant.   Everything you need to live - can be found right here at Holly Hill Farm.  Our very large antique and primitive selection includes


Going Green

Holly Hill Farm is a “Green Business” and we believe that our antiques business should harmonious integrate into the landscape and enhance the production of food, energy, shelter and other materials that is sustainable.  Our self reliant demonstration tours and events will  showcase our 20 year old agritourism business and “going green smartly”.  


Simple and Liberating Lifestyle

It's not easy living simply and being self reliant!!!! Here at Holly Hill Farm we can help you in practice and development of liberating mental, emotional and spiritual ways of being happy --- through our many products and services that will “enhance your life”!  Our herbal products are all designed to improve your life.  .